Monsters Inc Peas Soup

Ingredients for 1 kid

Important rules before cook

  • All of our recipes are amazing meals made with simple ingredients. To do so you must cook with parental help and supervision.
  • The use of a stove, oven and a knife should be done by your parents especially for children under 10 years. So, never ever start a recipe alone or without an adult supervision.
  • Before cooking it is important to pay attention to hygiene, so wash your hands properly.
  • Be careful when you cut food and wash carefully all the vegetables.
  • Never wash meat because this will cause bacteria to spread, so don't worry, the application of high temperature will remove these bacteria effectively.
  • While you are cooking is a good habit to keep everything clean and tidy. In our kitchen even if our chefs are messy and creative, they also want everything to be cleaned before starting to eat.
  • When you are trying to cook a meal, for each step, try to clean all the dirty dishes and the kitchen counter.
  • For the best results collect all the ingredients as directed in the recipe, and following instructions on the website.

Now you know the basic roles of our Messy Kitchen, let's cook!

What you need

40 grams Rice

Shallots Onion

4 Asparagus and 1 Slice of Carrot

140 grams Peas



Let's make it

Step 1

Pour some water in a pot and Boil.

Step 2

To the boiling water in the pot, add 40 grams of rice and half tea spoon of salt. Allow the rice to cook for approximately 15 minutes.

Step 3

When the rice is ready, add to a Pastry Cutter and put it in the refrigerator for 15 minutes to set.

Step 4

Add frozen peas in a pot with water and cook for 3-4 four minutes to defrost.

Step 5

Then add chopped onions to the peas and allow it to cook for 10-12 minutes on low fire with a lid.

Step 6

Meanwhile the onion and peas are boiling, steam the 4 pieces of Asparagus.

Step 7

Ask your parents to mix the peas and onions with a blender, when cooking is complete.

Step 8

With a Pastry Cutter, cut the cheese for the bottom of the eye, a slice of carrot for the iris of the eye and a small ball of Kombu for the pupil of the eye as shown in the picture. Then, cut the cheese to make the teeth and the kombu for the mouth.

Step 9

Take the rice from the fridge and add the eye ontop made with cheese, carrot and kombu. Then, add your peas soup around the eye.

Step 10

The final stage is to add the arms and legs with the asparagus, and the mouth. Do not forget to remove the Pastry Cutter! Enjoy the delicious Monsters Inc Peas Soup.

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