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Why Messy Chef?


Hi Kids, I’m Noemi and I’m the founder of this website. This website was born as a University project to inspire and help the children of all the world, to cook amazing meals with natural ingredients.
It’s always so difficult to eat vegetables and fruits but with MessyChef, this will not be a problem anymore.


As good Italian, I really love cooking and my intention is to spread my culture to everybody. Since when you born, in Italy, you learn how to cook. This is really common there and all the children know how a meal is made.


All the children in Italy are educated about flavours, smells and freshness of a product. This is the purpose of MessyChef, give this knowledge to the kids, so someday they’ll find the right inspirations to become a great Chef.

Food education illustration 

Educational Purpose

All the ingredients are divided into 3 categories that are Fruits, Nuts and Vegetables. Every ingredient has a little story that allows kids to learn what it is for, which nutrient it have, why is good for our body and when it’s better to eat it.

This is not a vegetarian website so you’ll find meals with or without meat. We believe in food science, this is why every meal is made to be nutrient for your body, giving you the right protein and vitamins.

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