Miss Onion

Miss Onion is always available in store. She's usually the perfect base for many recipes.
Onions are a good source of vitamin C, folate, and fiber. Modern researchers are confirming the health benefits of onions: several studies have found that onions might be beneficial in preventing heart disease and some cancers.
Onions are easy to grow and can grow in a variety of climates and soils. They can be stored longer than most vegetables and they can even be dried. Most onions are purple, yellow or white. All onions taste like onions, but some are sweeter than others. Different types of onions also grow differently. Let’s look at a few of the most common types of onions we use for cooking and eating.
Fun facts
In Egypt, onions were used in religious ceremonies. Egyptians thought onions, with their inner circles, represented eternal life. They also thought onions had magical powers. Important people were often entombed with onions placed over their eye sockets or in their body cavities. Paintings of onions are common in pyramid tombs.

Draw me

Step 1

First of all, draw the main shape.

Step 2

Draw the eyes, the nose and the mouth.

Step 3

Miss Onion has a big ribbon on top of her head.

Step 4

Colour the ribbon with a nice green.

Step 5

Miss Onion has some orange shadows in the central part. Try to copy them.

Step 6

Finally, you can colour, with the brown, the remaining part.