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Stop eating junk food!

Candies, fried food, snacks and other industrial food full of preservatives is no good for us. Especially it is no good for our kids. We deserve more, we deserve better!

What to expect

In MessyChef’s Kitchen, you and you’re kids will learn together how to cook and eat amazing meals super fantastic for your body!

Here you’ll find recipes for any tastes and needs: vegetables, fruits, meat, fish and daily products trying to balance all the nutrition facts in right way to give to the body the energy and the strength necessary.

Seasonal recipes

Every time of the year there are different vegetables and fruits, that are essential for our well-being. For example, there’s a reason why watermelon is coming just during the summer. In fact, our body needs more water during this time of the year, because of the hot temperature and the fruits are there ready to help us exactly when we need them! This is why on MessyChef it’s possible to find the recipes depending on the season, helping you to pick the right one in the right moment.


Where do they come from?

Our recipes come from a long research trying to find the right combination between all the ingredients.

Made for kids, made by kids

Our recipes are made specifically for children from 5 years old, all of them are explained step by step and are organised for difficulty levels, the easiest for the your little kids, the bit more complicated ones for your almost ready Messy Chefs.

Supervision of a parent

We recommend always the supervision of a parent or a responsible adult. The recipes are very easy and we avoid any tool that can be dangerous for a kid, but it’s always important be extra careful in the kitchen.

Anyway, this is not the only reason to stay next to your kids. The recipes are not just funny for your little muddlers, you can have fun to. Promise! This is one of the best way to spend time with family: cook something good for you and enjoy your funny meal!

Our “motto”

Enjoy the time with your family cooking something amazing.

Let’s start now!

Follow the rainbow

The word “CHEF”

The word CHEF from “Messy Chef” is not the common word, it’s something special because it’s coming from an acronym that means:

  • Creativity
  • Healthy Food
  • Exciting
  • Family Time


Letter C from CHEF Illustration

Our kitchen is full of creativity.
Children learn how to cook amazing meals and how to become a real CHEF.

Healthy Food

letter H with spoons illustration

We are proud of our ingredients choice.
All the ingredients and recipes are benefited for the body


letter E with mixer illustration

Discover how to cook different meals and became a professional chef.
We’re fancy of party and event, so discover our Party section…

Family Time

letter F with gloves illustration

On the Messy-Chef Kitchen, family work together to make a meal.
Discover how can be exciting to spend time cooking for all.